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During the consultation your designer will conduct a thorough analysis of your property. This analysis includes noting, at a minimum, the following:
  • Construction concerns/limitations, where applicable
  • Existing plantings and their condition
  • Sun/shade exposures
  • Drainage and grading requirements
  • Soil conditions
  • Wind directions
In order to help you before your consultation, you may want to give some though to the following questions. Not to worry, these questions are just a guideline to get you thinking, as your designer will give you their professional ideas and material suggestions, point out things to consider, and offer feedback on your thoughts.

Some specific questions about how you envision your property may include:
  • Types and colours of the plants and style of garden (not necessarily particular plants, just the feel you want)
  • Sitting areas or construction features and where
  • How big you see it (think about furniture if it's a patio)
  • Materials you'd like to incorporate
  • Areas you'd like to reserve for children or pets
  • Location of water features (where you want to hear the water)
We charge a fee for projects involving several areas, because they necessitate a master plan and require much more time and detail. Should you wish to get a master plan, your designer would let you know their fee for drawing a "to-scale" blueprint plan with accompanying cost estimate.

If you like our estimate of costs, we continue to the installation and construction phase. If you decide you want the master plan, we continue to the design phase.