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Maintenance & Renovations

We have a number of maintenance programs we offer to our existing customers. While we can easily deal with all landscapes, due to the nature of our designs, our crews are especially experienced in maintaining perennial and mixed-border beds.

Seasonal Clean-up
In the spring or the fall, our crews come through and, where necessary, trim, prune, pollard, espalier, deadhead, and feed the plantings with the correct materials in the correct manner. These programs prove valuable to the customers for whom we have installed landscapes. Your designer knows exactly the look you want from your garden and thus can instruct the crews specifically in their maintenance tasks as far as pruning, trimming, and so on.

Maintenance Program
Once a month or more, a crew visits your site to edge, weed, trim, spray if necessary, and generally clean-up to keep your garden in optimum condition. These programs help us spot possible problems or diseases before they prove detrimental to the plantings, allowing us to take steps to prevent them.

Landscape Renovation
A crew will come to your site, typically a home you may have just bought whose garden has been neglected, and go about salvaging, through proper care, the existing plants and beds, to bring them back to health, without the expense of relandscaping.

Drainage & Erosion Solutions
In every aspect of our design work, good drainage is a critical element. If you have problems with standing or poorly draining water on your property, or if you have issues with the grade around your home, we can help. Quite often we work strictly on solving drainage issues.

Lighting Solutions
Beyond allowing you to enjoy your garden after the sun goes down, lighting can enhance the look of your home and create a new look and feel to the landscape. It also offers security for new paths or entrances. Our designers, architects, and crews are experienced in planning and installing lighting to suit your needs.